Dan’s Parents

Dan always had the coolest parents. He could do whatever he wanted and they never seemed to care. Most of the time they weren’t around. When they were they just told us to have those microwave meals and “take care of ourselves” like we were adults too.

My mom never let me have those microwave meals, she said they were bad for you, and she was always nagging me to do my homework. Not like Dan’s parents, we could do whatever we wanted there.

I remember when we would make preten>d armies and wage war for control of the Carpet Kingdom. The cans were our infantry, the small bottles were the cavalry and the bigger bottles were the artillery. We would have huge armies and fight over the whole house, from one end of the carpet to the other.

Today his parents had let him set up a swing in their house. He had attached one end of the rope to a light fixture and the other end kept his feet dangling off the ground.

I gave him a push and he swung back and forth. “When do I get to go?” I asked. He didn’t say anything, but he never said much. I couldn’t wait for my turn.