Love Fights War

Blood pouring from my open wound
Crying out in pain as I see my leg bursting in bloom
Praying to someone out there, far away
Telling them that I wanted to stay
But holding my leg, like it were a tray
I didn’t even get to hold your hand or say that i loved you
Where I lay, my still open wound, I cry myself to sleep
I wake up, staring into a bright light
“Am I dead?” I ask
“Nay just lie there and close your eyes”
I close my eyes pain ceering through my leg
Then all of the sudden, no pain, no delay
I looked up,doctors holding my leg
They came to me and asked “Whould ye like to keep it?”
I just shake my head and say “Nay”
I came home in a wheelchair the very next month.
Knowing the probably i stank like a skunk
Caring-less, I grab ahold of you and whisper
“Baby, I love you!”